Dried Jackfruits and its great benefits

Jackfruit is one of the tropical fruits loved by many countries in Southeast Asia thanks to its delicious taste and extremely rich in important nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium. , potassium, iron, niacin, thiamin, riboflavin, magneisum … In Vietnam, jackfruit is loved by many families and enjoyed in many different ways; such as: fresh jackfruit, jackfruit tea, jackfruit smoothie, dried jackfruit … Among them, perhaps dried jackfruit is the most popular dish for Vietnamese users today because they are very convenient to carry when going out, traveling, easy to preserve, rich in nutrition …

More importantly, dried jackfruit brings a lot of great benefits for health such as:

  • Help the digestive system function well, prevent constipation, remove the mucous membranes sticking in the intestinal wall, reduce the risk of colon cancer thanks to the abundant fiber.
  • Strengthen the body’s immune system to help the body fight viral infections and infections.
  • Effective anti-cancer thanks to its content of ignans, isoflavones and saponins.
  • Instant energy supplement for the body, reduce stress, focus spirit.
  • Strengthen bones, prevent anemia.
Dried Jackfruit safimex vietnam

How to eat dried jackfruit properly?

According to nutrition experts, we should eat about 50g of dried jackfruit per day to ensure adequate supply of nutrients to the body. Besides, only eat dried jackfruit with a clear origin, quality assurance, no preservative chemicals, no lead contamination, toxins … In addition, we should also combine with some fruits, natural plants and vegetables for the best care and protection for your daily health.

Although jackfruit brings a lot of great value for health; but if you are suffering from one of the following diseases; it is absolutely forbidden to eat dried jackfruit, that is: fatty liver disease, diabetes, failure kidney disease, debilitating disease, chronic disease … Especially if you love and want to eat to stimulate taste, you should only eat this item in small quantity to ensure that it does not adversely affect your health.

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